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(#2212) Jerry W (Apex, NC)
2/19/2016 in Douglasville, GA  EVENT: 2016 Atlanta Roundup Fellowship Event  TYPE: AA, Male, Steps

Sober 26 years since 7/2/1989, Jerry is from the Raleigh, NC area.

Good sense of humor and a passion for the Program.

He has been sober since his first meeting being introduced to the solution early on.

Jerry grew up in a home with frequent parties that often started fun but ended in some kind of fight.

Once he drank, he became a rebel. He was kicked out of two school systems for life.

He went into the Air Force to avoid prison.

He got desperate to quit causing and experiencing all the pain and suffering.

At one point he got hooked up with a sect that thought hair was the problem. He cut all his hair off and carried around a Bible. That did not work.

Suicide - overdosing on his dog's mange poison - also did not work.

He got out of the hospital only to drink again.

He got out of the Air Force and started living like an animal having given up on life in the delusion that all his problems were caused by other people's problems.

At age 22, he had a moment of clarity walking to the store to write another bad check.

He asked God for Help. He has been sober ever since.

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