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(#1490) Jerry L (Kennesaw, GA)
4/25/2008 in Acworth, GA  EVENT: No Excuses Meeting  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 32 years since 2/20/1976, Jerry was raised in Minneapolis. His mother and grandmother were alcoholics. He ran away from home twice.

"I was a nervous kid. I'm still nervous."

He had doctors give him some strange cures for it. One said he needed glasses. He wore them and had headaches for years later to find he had 20/20 vision. Another had him circumsized at 11. "I remember every stich."

Jerry came into AA at the Rafters Meeting in Newhall, CA. He got to know some of the legends of AA there.

In sobriety, he became a minister without a church. He has performed many weddings, funerals and baptisms. The week before this talk he performed the ceremony for his grandaughter's wedding on the beach in Ventura, CA.

NOTE: In 2016, Jerry is still going to six meetings a week. He is an inspiration to many here in what he calls, "the Bible Belt."

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