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Jerry W (Darrel O)
Total time across all 11 files is 7 hours.
Recording 8 of 11

Weekly Step Workshop

Though the details of the personalities and even the location is uncertain, the Principles are clearly present in this series of talks by Jerry W. doing 9 of the sessions and Darrel O doing Step 2 and Step 12. Jerry mentions living at one time in his life in Charlotte so the location is assumed to be somewhere in North Carolina.

These were taken from cassette. I was unable to locate these recordings anywhere else on the Internet. One MP3 per original cassette is presented here. It is possible to collapse the talks down to seven CDs.


(#660) Jerry W (Darrel O)-08 (Jacksonville, FL)
1995 in Jacksonville, FL  EVENT: Weekly Step Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Steps

Steps 9 - Jerry W. Note: Step nine was begun as part of Step 8 the previous week.

(44 min) (10.1 MB) (id#660)