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(#4213) Jerry W (Apex, NC)
6/17/2022 in Smyrna, GA  EVENT: Atlanta Roundup Fellowship Event  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 32 years since 8/2/1989, Jerry always knew there was something wrong with him but never thought it had anything to do with alcohol.

He thought it was always his circumstances.

In trouble as a juvenile, he got married and made a geographic cure - they moved six miles down the road.

They got a little house but were unable to keep it.

His father-in-law told Jerry he had to stop screwing up his life - "But I didn't' know how,"

Then walking eight miles to write another hot check at the grocery story he heard a still small voice and never drank again.

But it was the voice of Tom I of North Carolina, who went from inmate to warden, that gave him hope that there was an answer that only required one white chip. Relapse was not a requirement for sobriety.

Jerry lived out of his stepmother's daycare facility for some time in sobriety.

He did not get it all back at once but got more than he ever dreamed was possible - a set of tools to handle sobriety.

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