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(#234) Jerry L (Salem, VA)
March 2012 in Southern Pines, NC  EVENT: Freedom From Bondage XXIV  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Female, active in corrections in Virginia. Jerry has been sober 23 years since 8/22/1988. Born and raised back in the country - very poor. Grandparents raised her. Never felt like the other kids. Filled with anger and resentment except when drinking. Stayed in trouble. Married 9 years to a navy man. They moved to Maryland. She got fired after two weeks for drinking. Husband eventually died drunk. Had two children. Got to a point where she had to buy gallons of booze at a time, drink every hour and even hid the bottle though she lived alone. Went to detox. Then the miracles started happening.

(59 min) (27.4 MB) (id#234)