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(#994) Jennifer B (Acworth, GA)
2/6/2016 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Jennifer is sober 3 years since 12/26/2012. Her mother came to Florida from Cuba in 1958. Her mother divorced her father, in part because of his drinking, when Jennifer was two years old.

Her mother married another drinker some years later and they had another daughter a good bit younger than Jennifer. Although he always treated Jennifer well, and they still get along, her mother later divorced him as well when his drinking reached the sad stage.

Jennifer started drinking at 12 years old and loved it from the start. She regularly blacked out.

She met her current husband, they had a daughter together and Jennifer was coping to some extent until the second child was born. An accountant, Jennifer left a firm to start her own business. The old firm sued. With family and the lawsuit and a third child - her life was coming apart.

She knew she drank too much. She tried every possible way to stop including a plan that costs $800, and another that included many herbs and meditation. None of it worked.

In December 2012, she reach her bottom and came into AA via the Breakfast Club. She knew early on it was the right answer.

She got involved in the program and served for two years as treasurer for the Group.

Funny and powerful. Job well done.

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