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(#4275) Jennifer H-K - Surrender (Plano, TX)
8/20/2022 in Cartersville, GA  EVENT: 43rd Allatoona Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop


Sober 29 years since 12/5/1992, Jennifer goes through the Steps expanding on the different types and levels of surrender she experienced.

She shared her topic notes with us.

I list the types and questions here and include the full set of notes in PDF below.

Step 1: Surrender Behavior: Do I practice AA like my life depends on it?

Step 2: Surrender Authority. God, here is why I don't trust You.

Step 3: Surrender Control. Have I turned my will and life over to God or a better version of myself?

Steps 4 & 5: Surrender My Version. What am I hanging on to that no longer fits in my sober life?

Steps 6 & 7: Surrender My Weapons. What is my security blanket? Am I willing to give up one inch?

Steps 8 & 9: Surrender Ego. Am I telling myself a story I know is not true?

Steps 10 & 11: Surrender Terms and Conditions. What do you want from me? What do you want for me?

Step 12: Surrendering Time. Are there any strings attached to this life-saving gift?

Jennifer's hand written notes

(1 hr 49 min) (29.2 MB) (id#4275)