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(#2128) Jeane C (Ft Thomas, KY)
Jan 1997 in Columbus, OH  EVENT: Winter Gathering  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 15 years since 3/1/1981, Jeane is a lively and delightful speaker.

Her male sponsor was sponsored by Wino Joe, a real favorite of many WeJoy listeners..

She tells stories of how Clancy I of Venice, CA, the most recorded speaker in AA, helped her over the years even though she had very few encounters with him.

Wino Joe L of Tyler, TX- 2/6/1982 in Lexington, KY at 31st Kentucky State Convention

Clancy I of Venice, CA at Woodstock GA - Step Study CD Set

(54 min) (12.5 MB) (id#2128)