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(#2218) Jack P (Los Angeles, CA)
10/14/1998 in Newhall, CA  EVENT: Sunday Noon Speaker Rafter's AA Group  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

An early member of AA in Southern California, this talk by Jack was given to me by a mentor who knew him.

There is a letter from Jack to Bill W. in July 1952 asking advice about starting a women's NA meeting in the local jail.

The only excerpt of the letter I found was translated from Spanish but suggests Bill felt non-alcoholic addicts should not be a part of AA as the addict's issues with honesty and the poor relations between addicts and alcoholics were problematic for success.

There is other evidence that Jack assisted in the founding of NA in California.

In researching I found this interesting piece of NA History:

First NA Meeting Sun Valley CA Oct 1953

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