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(#2373) Jack H (Dunwoody, GA)
12/26/2018 in Holly Springs, GA  EVENT: Stepping Stones Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 21 years since 7/13/1997, Jack grew it up in a 'Leave it to Beaver' neighborhood in North Atlanta.

His father cussed like a sailor and had a short fuse. His parents fought some and finally got divorced.

Jack found pot and alcohol at age 13. But at 15 he had a spiritual experience for he had been searching desperately.

From that he lost the desire to drink or drug for over 5 years until he started again as part of a church he joined as a junior in college.

He got into sales for a big corporation and loved to drink until six in the morning. It started getting noticed for smelling of alcohol.

He was forced into treatment. His plan was to learn how to drink - hip, slick, cool and a rule breaker.

He did AA, lived in a halfway house and accrued about a year and a half without drinking. Sobriety was not as good for him as drinking.

He started back with a glass of wine as an experiment and concluded he had over reacted. On the second test he flipped the switch and was back at it within 10 days.

"It got tearfully bad...I could just not quit drinking,"

He still went to meetings and eventually quit picking up white chips.

He was then the object of an intervention that he ran out the backdoor to avoid but they caught up with him.

He eventually went to treatment in Alabama an had his last drink on the way there.

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