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(#597) J R J (Missoula,MT)
5/3/2002 in Grants Pass, OR  EVENT: 28th Rogue Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Originally from Danville, OH, funny speaker, former police officer, J. R. got sober 2/20/1981 but says he is as close to his next drink as the newcomer.

He had his first drink at 11 to feel apart of and get rid of the fear and it worked. He served in the Marines in Vietnam and drank through it. He got out, came back to work on the railroad. "There are 17 places on a diesel locomotive where you can hide a bottle."

He enter the police force trying to find himself. He continued to drink to make himself bigger and "them" smaller. Then the worst thing happened - it stopped working. He left his last drink half finished on a table.

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