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(#1323) Inventory: Ron W, Doug and Carla R (Los Angeles, CA and Tujunga, CA)
8/6/2016 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 41st Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Both, Workshop, Steps

Continuing to Take Inventory

Ron W, sober 30 years since 7/14/1986
Doug R. sober 29 years since 6/7/1987and his wife
Carla R. sober 28 years since 9/25/1987

Sharing on the topic with some great insights and funny stories about their experience with Step 10.

Questions about the 10th Step and other areas where inventory applies are asked by the audience after the three shared initially.

They also did a workshop at the same event on Sponsorship:

Sponsorship Workshop - 2016 - Atlanta GA

(1 hr 18 min) (13.5 MB) (id#1323)