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(#587) Ilene W (Los Angeles, CA)
10/31-11/2/1997 in Columbus, OH  EVENT: 1st ColCYPAA  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 22 years, Ilene got sober at age 24 in 1975 when there were not many young people in AA and few attractive young people. She was one of the more unattractive - 230 pounds, discount store granny dress, bad haircut and a worse attitude. She was born in Boise, ID by Jewish parents from the Bronx. There were not many Jews in Idaho. When she was four they move to California in the San Fernando valley. She was the teacher's pet and active in everything til age eleven but at the same time weird, nervous, neurotic and self absorbed. Her parents and immediate family were not alcoholic. She was the dysfunctional member. She drank for 12 pathetic years. "There are basically two kinds of people, I think, that come into AA: those who drink to get into life and those who drink to get out of life." She drank to get out. She was always more or less insanely drunk. She became a slut and a slag. She came in frozen and has been thawing out since.

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