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(#2261) Icky S (Dallas, TX)
1960 in 1960  EVENT: Unknown  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical


Sober 14 years since 1946, Icky was the Panel 1 Delegate from the Houston, Texas Area in 1951 and served on the Conference Agenda Committee.

Icky later moved to Dallas, Texas and became the first Class B Trustee from Texas serving from 1955 to 1959. He replaced Detroit AA founder Earl T (author "The Man who Mastered Fear") and was designated as "Second V.P."

Records from GSO report Icky as passing away on 9/23/1963.

The 1957 final Conference report noted that:
"Delegates from Oregon, Northern Minnesota, Quebec (Canada), Northeast Texas and South Florida participated in a provocative panel session on Clubhouses under the chairmanship of Icky S, a member of the Board of Trustees. Emphasizing the importance of separating the functions of clubs and groups, Icky summed up the general feeling of the participants by declaring that, in AA, when you put your heart rather than your brains into a project, 'You can go a long, long, way.' "

In 1958 Icky was elected as Vice Chairman of the General Service Board. The 1958 final Conference report contained a "GSO Policy Committee" report written by Icky who also served then as chairman of the committee.

Bill W remembered him:

"Icky was commissioned to blow up a certain pier in Houston Harbor, and he blew up the wrong one!"

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