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(#1722) Joy of Living-Step 12 (CO,MN,GA)
2/12/2000 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 36th IAAWC  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop

36th IAAWC-Joy of Living-Step 12

A Chair and four members sharing on the topic:

Chair: Linda Detroit MI - Sober 11 years since 9/20/1988, she was afraid of everything. Now she is standing in front of a microphone.

Lynn E from Colorado Springs CO - Sober 11 years since 3/23/1988, she was born into a family where she was loved and wanted in the rich part of Long Beach, CA. Though both parents were alcoholic, it did not get bad until she was five. At nine, she and her brother were living with her Aunt when her mother committed suicide and her dad wound up on Skid Row. Lynn swore she would never drink and did not until age 20.

Carolyn B, St Paul MN - Sober 25 years since 7/16/1974, she, just that day, discovered the section in the 12 and 12, "After we come into A.A., if we go on growing, our attitudes and actions toward security -- emotional security and financial security -- commence to change profoundly. Our demand for emotional security, for our own way, had constantly thrown us into unworkable relations with other people." She says, "The end result is supposed to be an individual capable of some degree of self-responsibility. What we are supposed to be growing here is a grown up."

Cheryl W from Decatur, GA - Sober over 11 years since 1988, she says "It was really tough being the person that I was....I really did not know joy in my life." She drank and used for over eighteen years. In the end her daughter had run away from home.

Jan M from Norcross, GA - Sober 14 years since 2/9/1986, she came in emotionally bottomed out. Recovery does not happen by osmosis. From it she now feels a part of. The more we give the more we receive. She draws on the prayer of St. Francis.

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