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(#1723) The Vital Step 5 (GA,OH,MI)
2/11/2000 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 36th IAAWC  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop

36th IAAAWC-IAAWC-The Vital Step 5

A Chair and three members sharing on the topic:

Chair: Anonymous from GA

Donna from Atlanta GA - Sober 6 years since 5/10/1993 at age 24, she had been trying to stay sober on her own but got suicidal. She covers her experience when she did her first fifth.

Bonnie F from Ohio - The first two words that pop into her mind about the fifth Step are "Trust" and "Honesty". "I was betrayed when I did my first fifth step inventory." She found there were many other shortcomings other than those involving sex. She had to give up "pointing fingers and blaming others."

Gerri from Michigan - Sober 12 years since 7/13/1987, she shares from the heart what it was like doing a fifth as a people-pleaser with a mask for every occasion. Though the fifth Step she says, "I found a little girl that was there and that little girl was saying, 'Won't you like me? Won't you accept me? Won't you be my friend?'"

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