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(#1726) Sarah-Anna-Oahu,Debi R-HI (Oahu and Hawaii,HI)
2/8/2001 in Honolulu, HI  EVENT: 37th IAAWC  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

37th IAAWC-Island AA Women

Sarah-Anna from Wai'anae Oahu - Sober 6 years since 10/4/1994, a lively, native islander, she has always had a pack she ran with. She spent time incarcerated and in "the cream of the crop nut ward". Sarah-Anna observes,

"God works when we don't and our God works when we can't."

She was saved in a court room by the Grace of God. She has been working for the past five years as a counselor.

Debi R from the Big Island - The first person she heard her story from was a man with freckles and red hair. Raised in Chicago, that is where she learned to drink and where it caught up with her. Her real high was a man and she needed alcohol to get one. Living in San Francisco, she had a vision in the middle of the night and asked God for help. Soon she was at her first AA meeting. She moved to Hawaii in sobriety and has been exploring some of the native spiritual traditions.

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