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(#629) Howard M (Marietta, GA)
12/6/2014 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 6 years since 8/24/2008, Howard is an active member of AA in the community.

Born in Peoria, IL in 1950, he was raised in Spring Bay, IL - a town of 250. It had one tavern and one church. His dad did not drink but maybe a few times a year and that very little though he worked for the largest liquor distiller in the world - Hiram Walker.

The youngest of four siblings - two bothers are also alcoholics. He started drinking in college in Normal, IL.

He did graduate but shortly after his drinking became more serious. He enlisted in the Air Force after the shooting stopped in Vietnam. There he found those who drank the way he liked to.

He met his wife of 36 years in the service. By the time he finally came into the Program he was a falling down home drunk who had been hospitalized numerous times for various alcohol related reasons.

The last time required being strapped to the bed. From there, he recovered at Ridgeview Institute in Smyrna, GA.

He feels he is a man most richly blessed.

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