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(#1025) Helen Y (Los Angeles, CA)
5/19/1999 in Brentwood, CA  EVENT: Pacific Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Helen Louise is a lively women with a great sense of humor. Her attitude when drinking was, "I do not know you and I ain't standin' in line to meet you."

Raised by her grandparents, she grew up in the South drinking Corn Liquor. She was forced to marry a soldier when she was young and didn't know his last name. He didn't like to dance or go to Sunday School. She went with him from state to state until he went to World War II.

She became a licensed beautician in Chicago, a home owner and a kind-of madam partying while her husband was oversees. He eventually died from wounds received in (probably) Korea.

She lost her beautician clients by drinking on the job.

She moved to California in 1960 to live with her dad and adopted a baby.

She came into AA in California at the age of 37 a knee walking drunk living in filth.

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