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(#2279) Helen B (New York, NY)
1951 in Louisville, KY  EVENT: Area 26 Service Assmbly  TYPE: AA, Female, Author, Assembly

Author: Promoted to Chronic

Sober 6 years since 1945, Helen got sober in Boston and was the first Intergroup manager there.

She tells a very funny story of the police coming to this unmarked office with only one woman inside and lots of questionable looking men coming in all the time.

In 1949 she started working for the Alcoholic Foundation (later GSO) in New York working closely with Bill W to develop the Third Legacy Pamphlet.

It was she who recommended Nell Wing to assist Bill. Nell worked closely with Bill until his death in 1971.

Nell became AA's first archivist though she was non-alcoholic.

Later Helen wrote one of the stories in the 2nd and 3rd Edition of the Big Book entitled "Promoted to Chronic".

Helen married in March of 1955 and moved to Texas.

In this recording, she is addressing the Kentucky Service Assembly the day before they were to elect their first Delegate to the newly formed General Service Conference, still in its trial phase.

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