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(#1195) Harry B (Charlotte, NC)
3/4/1978 in St Simmons Island, GA  EVENT: 17th AA Recovery Weekend  TYPE: AA, Male, Story


Sober 21 years since 2/1/1958 and past Delegate from North Carolina, Harry was Baptist by birth. He attended Wake Forest and Mercer University.

Though he graduated law school, "I never passed the bar because I could never pass the bar if you know what I mean."

In the Insurance business many years he was self will run riot being in jail the first of many times at age 15.

He talked a TV preacher and his wife into letting him drink until he became an alcoholic.

That worked until he could not take it anymore. He called the preacher in a blackout and came into AA. He did not get sober immediately.

Harry had attended 16 consecutive St Simmons weekends. He calls himself a Big Book Boy with emphasis on Chapter 5 - How It Works.

Chairperson Jody R. of Americus, GA (an alcoholic pastor) shares before the main speaker, as was the tendency in earlier AA conferences. His part is often funny and informative and is included for historic reasons as well.

NOTE: The quality of the recording is excellent until 18 minutes into Harry's talk when some static begins maybe from the microphone. The talk is very understandable after that point but with some intermittent static.

This recording was taken from a reel-to-reel housed at the Area 16 Archives in Macon, GA.

(1 hr 30 min) (20.7 MB) (id#1195)