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(#1128) Harold W (Odessa, TX)
7/10/1983 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 8th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 23 years since 4/27/1960, Harold is a naturally funny, slow talking Texas Country Gentleman with a great love for the program.

Born a twin in the heart of the Baptist Bible Belt, Harold became an alcoholic but his brother did not. Still not drinking, he was an athlete through high school and college. He fought with the Marines in WWII and surviving, rather than drinking, was the focus of his activities.

Only when he got back did he start drinking.

He worked in the oil business all his life and has been very successful at not accomplishing a great deal.

He was active in civic matters in his little town until they ran out of places to put a drunk and relatives to support them.

Friends he knew in town were members of AA and Al-Anon but he was not aware of these Programs but they watched and waited for him to get ready.

Harold did not have deep resentments but was deeply ashamed of what he had become.

One of those Al-Anon's in town coaxed him into his first meeting.

There were five AA members there whom he had known as the worst drunks in town. They were now laughing, happy and waiting for him. He saw something he could not believe and wanted to know how to go a whole day without a drink.

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