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(#194) Hank J (Charlotte, NC)
2001 in Virginia Beach, VA  EVENT: Pockets of Enthusiasm 2001  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Went into a bar when he was 18 with a suit and tie and ordered a drink. That day he became a man and stopped growing. He was under the influence of alcohol for the next 30 years - not drunk the whole time but thinking about it or drinking it or dealing with problems associated with it.

Psychiatrists have described us as suffering from childish grandiosity. Met his wife in a bar. At the time all she was drinking was a lemonade. Later she became an alcoholic and came into the rooms of AA. She divorced him three times, moved in and out with him and attempted suicide many times.

Hank was in outside sales. Describes how he got trapped between his intentions and his disease.Only got fired after he got into AA. Speaks about how he got a spiritual pride in AA that became a problem. Hank is sponsored by Clancy I.

(1 hr 3 min) (29 MB) (id#194)