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(#1458) GSSA 4pm Business Meeting (Georgia)
9/17/1983 in Macon, GA  EVENT: Georgia State Service Assembly (GSSA)  TYPE: AA, Both, Assembly


Motion by Levis C to vote to change where the GSSA should meet which was made in May and tabled and assigned to a committee.

Result of Committee to study whether Area 16 move the meeting from Macon: Bob Paulk - Dist 2 GSR Welcome Group south Georgia - We should leave it as it is, Groves Carlage-former DCM Dist 14 - North Georgia - Consensus of those he spoke to - keep it in the Macon Area

Levis H Dist 10 DCM -Made original motion, discussion by others including past delegate and principal author of the GSSA Service Manual.

Motion tabled per Service Manual to be voted on by full Business Meeting January 1984.

Ask It Basket - questions fielded by John L, Bob R, Virgil W, Joe P

GSSA Cassette #C004-12

(36 min) (16.5 MB) (id#1458)