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(#1734) Grayce A (Dallas, TX)
4/4/1992 in Ft. Wayne, IN  EVENT: 12th Annual NE Indiana Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Wife of David A, a well-known AA speaker and past AA Trustee, Grayce is a great presenter in her own right. David got sober 24 years earlier on 4/20/1967. She came into Al-Anon at the same time.

She says if it wasn't for the drunks she would be out there trying to find somebody to fix.

Born and raised in a normal "functional" home in Denver, CO. Her parents didn't drink and lived for the family. Her characters defects did not start until she ran into a budding alcoholic. She went to the University of Denver when WWII broke out. She was terrified that all the men were going to war and would not coming back.

On a trip to Dallas at age 17, she met David on a blind date. She thought she could handle and cope with anything or anyone.

"We set in a car and we lied to each other."

David A 1995 at Hampton VA

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