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(#734) Ginny G (Venice, CA)
5/25/1981 in Omaha, NE  EVENT: 4th Cornhuskers Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

A member of the original Pacific Group when it met in a small house, Ginny is a long timer and one time movie actress. Sober 17 years as of 8/21/1963, when she came in she was unemployed, had a fiance who paid for her new car, big house and maid and a second finance for fun. She had been married many times - sometimes to the same men. After she got sober she got Clancy I. as a sponsor and had to give up the fiances, house and maid in exchange for sobriety and peace of mind.

NOTE: This is a long, delightful talk. The TRACKS need to be split across two CDs between Tracks 16 and 17.

(1 hr 28 min) (30.6 MB) (id#734)