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(#1848) Georgia B (Los Angeles, CA)
7/2/2017 in Nashville, Tn  EVENT: 36th Music City Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 24 years since 2/1/1993 at age 24, Georgia does not remember her first drink. It was always a part of her life. She feels like she tapered on.

Her dad died of cancer when she was six. Her mom worked three jobs and was very tired and angry all the time.

Georgia was arrested for public drunk at age eleven; pregnant at thirteen (which she terminated). Her mom gave up and felt it was safer if she let Georgia smoke and drink at home.

"I drank with a funnel and a hose."

She was too tall with a bad haircut in high-school and hated herself. She became bulimic but could not address that until she addressed her alcoholism.

"I am free in every area of my life today as a result of Alcoholics Anonymous."

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