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(#2281) George S (Vancouver, BC)
July 1995 in San Diego, CA  EVENT: AA International 1995  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical

Wisconsin AA Pioneer

Sober 51 years since 1944, though came to first meeting August 1938 in Akron, George was from a wealthy family but lost it all.

He was a Delegate on Panel 1, 1950-51 for Area 74 - N. Wisconsin/ Upper Penn. MI.

He first met Bill and Lois in Dayton, OH.

He shares a great deal in twenty minutes about Bill.

He also tells a great story about Lois helping a female alcoholic.

He gives much emphasis how the policy of "Be Friendly with Our Friends" helped AA grow.

George started a treatment center with a nun in Milwaukee, WI.

HIGHLY recommended even if you care nothing about AA history.

(21 min) (3.7 MB) (id#2281)