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(#584) George E (Myrtle Beach, SC)
6/7/1997 in Akron, OH  EVENT: 62nd Founders Day  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

George got sober in Williamstown, WV 30 years earlier on 10/26/1966 at age 27. He says that coming to Founders Day for the Alcoholic is like going to Mecca. He arrived at AA for his first meeting agnostic, full of fear with a sense of pending doom. Actually it was the best day in his life. A bit of hypochondria adds color to his story. Eighteen years younger than the next youngest member, he went to meetings everyday for the first year and a half with a sponsor who emphasized the book and the program. Two-thirds of the talk is about his time in the program.

(1 hr 6 min) (22.7 MB) (id#584)