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(#104) Geneva B (Chicago, IL)
1994 in Marietta GA  EVENT: 4th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Shares what it was like and "How I'd like it to be." Black woman, last of 10 kids born and raised in Jackson, MS. Adult child of an alcoholic. Her dad always drank. Three brothers were alcoholic. When she was 14, her dad quit working after 20 years and never worked again. Got drunk 3 times a day starting at 4am. Mom was OK with that but Geneva was not. Was known as Old Drunk Ernest's daughter. Would laugh with you so you won't laugh at her. Better if you were afraid of her. Tried to drink with her dad but the hangovers were terrible. Tried college. Fell in love there with Bob. His family had money. Got married. He forgot they were married the day after the ceremony. Went back home to mama two weeks later when he got drunk. Mom said, "If a man worked all week, he had a right to get drunk." Tried to stop her alcoholic from drinking in very creative (sick) ways. Planned to kill him but God intervened. She started 99% of the fights - many of them planned out. Bob came into AA - made 45 meetings in 45 days. She thought he was seeing another woman when she followed him to a meeting and saw a woman hugging him. Bob bribed her to go to an AA banquet with him. There she met her first Al-anon.

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