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(#2001) Gay G (Decatur, GA)
10/28/2010 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: Highland Serenity Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Gay was Delegate for Area 16 (GA) from 1988-1989. Sober since 3/14/1976 and a member of the Clarkston 12th Step Group, Gay died sober January 20, 2011, three months after this talk.

She shares about her drinking and recovery then about she and her husband Al's struggles with addiction among their children.

Al came into Al-Anon five years after Gay came into AA.

His story is also on WeJoy:

Al G (AFG) of Decatur, GA at Douglasville, GA 1991

(51 min) (11.9 MB) (id#2001)