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(#1412) Frank W (Atlanta, GA)
10/8/2016 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: HOW Place Saturday Night  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 26 years since 10/31/1989, Frank came into AA armed like Rambo with knives and a pistol in his back pocket.

He had been a bouncer and collector for some tough customers.

From an alcoholic home, Frank got sober very unwillingly at the Biscayne room in Atlanta - one of the oldest meeting places in Atlanta - shortly after his son's tragic drowning death.

He has come to deal with his grief and help other deal with theirs.

He has been on the board for many years at both the Biscayne and NABA Club, also in Atlanta.

(43 min) (10 MB) (id#1412)