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(#2736) Frank J (Valencia, CA)
4/9-11/1999 in St Louis, MO  EVENT: 4th Show-Me State Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 18 years, Frank came into AA at age 36. A Marine at 17, it was always somebody else's fault.

Served in Vietnam.
"But Vietnam was not my problem. Fear was my problem, but I couldn't tell anybody."

He drank to overcome the fear and be macho.

"I did a lot of bad things over there that I am not proud of."

One time, he would have shot his wife, but the gun failed, and, instead, accidentally shot himself through the hand and the bullet nearly hit his daughter.

His wife divorced him.

He was a Drill Sergeant then did a second tour of Vietnam and again did many bad things there,

He got out and became a violent police officer.

Now, he takes his message into prisons and makes his amends to them.

Frank had an affair with his female partner though he was married. His girlfriend shot him in the head when she found he had gotten his wife pregnant.

He left the force and got wealthy in real estate. But money was not the answer.

He wound up living in a stolen car and on the streets.

His parents had him committed which started his rather angry road to recovery.

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