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(#1473) Frank H (Long Beach, CA)
6/2/1994 in Oceanside, CA  EVENT: A.A. Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 30 years since 3/28/1964, Frank is mentioned many times by other speakers who knew him as a great example of AA in action.

Polly P, now of Jacksonville, FL, credits him with helping her many times in the early years.

Frank was a career Chief in the Navy. He tells a story of getting shot in a drive by, going to the hospital and checking himself out with the bullet stll in him.

He came home from a multi-day bender on 8/17/1963 to the realization it was their wedding anniversary. A quick thinker, he promised to go to AA as a wedding gift - which he had also forgotten.

Later he promised his eight year old daughter on the Bible that he would be sober for the father-daughter dance. He drank anyway.

Alone in his home, on his knees, he asked God for help. He never drank again.

There is a short Question and Answer session after the talk.

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