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(#155) Frances C (Stuart, FL)
5/2/2004 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 14th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story, Traditions

Sober 26 years since 3/20/1978. Very active in AA. A Traditionalist.

Lost her husband of 52 years weeks earlier and decided to come speak anyway. Had at least two members of AA with her the whole time even before her family could be there. Don't take your love for granted. It can be taken from you in a heartbeat.

Frances met him at 19 and was already a full blown alcoholic.

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX to a strong family. Loved the saloons, bars, dancing cowboys and all that went with it. Knew before she came to AA that it was the first drink that did it.

When she started hiding her drinking, it was the start of the end. Came into AA. Did not go to detox or treatment. Just cried, walked and drank orange juice. What she found was unconditional love and opportunities for service.

Got serious about the program in her fifth year. Started doing Tradition Meetings even though many people did not want to hear about them. Goes through the Traditions and how they apply to her life.

NOTE: One part of the source tape in the middle was slightly garbled but the message is worth the effort.

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