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(#1226) Fran D (Bessemer, AL)
7/19/1986 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 11th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Over 20 years in AFG, Principal of an elementary school, Fran had two grown kids who grew up in the Program. Nervous, she said her butterflies were not flying in formation.

Born to a good family, she went to college at Auburn. After graduation, she became program director for a USO center during WWII.

She married a soldier she met there who did not drink, She got pregnant, he was sent to Europe and there he got wounded and captured by the Germans.

When he returned he had started drinking.

Her struggles to stay respectable, keep up appearances and try to fix him began.

(55 min) (12.6 MB) (id#1226)