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(#1732) Fran B (Coffeeville, MS)
2/26-3/1/1992 in St. Simons Island, GA  EVENT: 30th St. Simons Island Weekend  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

She is a recovering Al-Anon by choice because she attends meetings and is trying to work the Program in her life.

Her husband, Cliff, is her qualifier.

"I know that into each life some rain must fall and, you know, I'm glad mine was spiked because it gave me Al-Anon and it gave me this Program and it gave me a way to live."

The alcoholic acts, the Al-Anon reacts, they become ill, adjust, re-adjust and mal-adjust.

An only child, alcohol was not a problem in her early, happy childhood. They tried to find her hidden talent to no avail.

She went to Northwestern and found a dental student from Mississippi, Cliff.

She was not persistent enough to become an alcoholic though she loved everything about alcohol especially when they moved to Granada. But it wasn't the same after Cliff quit the first time.

When he picked up again, his drinking was different.

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