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(#1739) Fr Joseph M (Baltimore, MD)
1976? in Durham, NC  EVENT: Mid-Winter Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober over 15 years since June 15, 1958, Father Joseph M became famous after the distribution of his famous Chalk Talk created for the U.S. Navy. He became an educator and lecturer for the State of Maryland on addiction and recovery.

He spends some of this talk telling his story but much more discussing the nature of alcoholism and recovery at one point walking through the 12 Steps as he sees them.

He was famous for his funny anecdotes used to illustrate a point. He has no shortage of opinions that made him both a well-loved and, at times, controversial member of AA.

NOTE: The tape was labeled incorrectly as being him at a different event. I could confirm all except the year of the talk and so left 1976 as that date. It is possible based on the fact he was working for Maryland which he started in the fall of 1973. The complication is that the Mid-Winter Conference left Durham that year when the hotel was torn down and am not sure if it was ever held there again. The info I confirmed from the tape are on the into and finale that are only on the BURN version of the talk. Also, this was before he moved to Harve de Grace, MD which was in the early 1980's, I think.

Oh the joy of archiving!

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