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(#4291) Fr. Ed Dowling (St. Louis, MO)
7/3/1955 in St. Louis, MO  EVENT: AA International 1955  TYPE: AA, Male, Historical

God As We Understand Him

From the Sunday Morning session at the 2nd AA International, Fr Ed followed Jim S, a black doctor from Washington, DC.

Bill W considered Fr Ed to be his Spiritual Sponsor.

There is a book available that details their correspondence over the years.
The Soul of Sponsorship: The Friendship of Fr. Ed Dowling, S.J. and Bill Wilson in Letters

Fr. Ed was a great friend of AA and saw how he could use the 12 Steps to help non-alcoholics with many other problems.

Sometimes beset by depression, AA taught him how to use the Steps to add to the quality of his life as well.

"I have a feeling, that if I should ever find myself in Heaven, I think it will be from backing away from Hell."

"The essence of belief is to look outside ourselves."

... and finally ...

"Blessed are the lazy for they shall find their shortcuts."

I have hesitated to put this online as the first part of the talk is missing in this version.

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