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(#1398) Faye W (Gastonia, NC)
1987 in Norman Park, GA  EVENT: Unknown  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

In Al-Anon 18 years since 1968, a soft spoken country lady, Faye works in the textile industry.

She had no desire to live at the time she came to the Program. She had no purpose in living. She did not want to have to look at life and face her problems.

Down home and naturally funny, there was never any alcohol in her Methodist upbringing but she joined the Baptist when she met and married her alcoholic and found out it was a sin.

In 1968, she traveled frequently buying and selling yarn.

She lived in alcoholism for 18 years. She did not come into Al-Anon to get the alcoholic sober. She tried every way the Church told her to do but did it all the wrong way.

(40 min) (9.2 MB) (id#1398)