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(#260) Faye S (Westfield, IN)
7/11/2000 in Jefferson City, MO  EVENT: Missouri State AA Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Faye is a strong, experienced speaker. When she came into Al-Anon she was real serious but learned to laugh. Her husband Mike is a past AA Delegate Area 23 Panel 46 (1993). She went with him to Stepping Stones and while standing in the little kitchen alone with him she realized they were right where they were supposed to be. Al-Anon and AA saved their lives and their marriage. She grew up in a home with a step father, half-brothers and sisters where kids should be seen and not heard. She was told not to tell family secrets. Her mother got involved in a very strict religion with a very punishing God. She full of fear but did not know it until she came into the program. Her marriage had much violence she now realizes was as much her fault as it was hers. Mike started going to AA but still drank on occasions. December 26, 1981, Mike had his last drunk. Fayegot a resentment to AA without knowing about the program. She read the Big Book one night while he was at a meeting and got reluctantly convinced she needed Al-Anon.

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