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(#641) Bruce H, Sherry H (AFG), Anna H (Alateen) (Louisville, KY)
11/29/12 in Buford, GA  EVENT: 4th Woodstock of the South  TYPE: Al-Anon, Both, Story

Bruce is sober in AA since 2/11/1993 after Sherry (AFG) did an intervention on him. They both entered intensive outpatient therapy. Six weeks later he got baptized to coincide with his third step. Three days later his mom went in the hospital. He was able to reconnect with her before she died that Easter Sunday. Seven years later, in 2000, he changed his mind about adopting a child. Nine months later they were approved to adopt a child of alcoholic parents, Anna, from the Ukraine.

Sherry started working with Alateens shortly after Bruce got sober then had her hysterectomy. She had been divorced twice and with Bruce's history of alcoholism, their chances were not ideal for being approved once Bruce changed his mind about adopting. But faith carried them through.

Anna's story is touching and well worth the wait. Enjoy this message of Faith and Hope.

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