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(#1461) Ester R (Aliquippa, PA)
8/12/1977 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 24th Georgia State Convention and 33rd SE Regional  TYPE: AA, Female, Story


Sober 22 years since 10/13/1954, Ester came into AA in Cleveland, OH "slithering".

"People asked me 'How did a blind woman become an alcoholic?' ...I drank!"

She was Alternate Delegate in Ohio but had to move from Ohio to Pennsylvania before she finished her second year.

An African American, she thought it was great she had a white chauffeur on the way from the airport - one of the gifts of sobriety.

She shares about the phases she has been through in sobriety including the skinny phase in her "foolish 40's".

"The women were the only ones that said I looked good!"

Funny with insight.

GSSA Cassette #C001-65

(1 hr 18 min) (18 MB) (id#1461)