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(#2043) Ernie K (Ann Arbor, MI)
9/27/1997 in Akron, OH  EVENT: AA Archives Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Historical

Ernie K is one of the most respected AA historians.

He did his Harvard PHD thesis on the history of AA and had access to the first AA archivist, Nell Wing (non-alcoholic) who had been Bill W's secretary from around 1950 until 1971 when Bill died.

Ernie covers lots of territory in this workshop and fields questions from the audience.

Sue Windows, Dr. Bob's daughter, was in attendance and leads the prayer at the end.

This is a real gold mine for AA History Lovers.

NOTE: This recording spans more than one CD. Please use the BURN button to download the ZIP file and split it across two CDs between tracks 207 and 208.

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