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(#1314) Ernie C (Dunwoody, GA)
8/19-21/2005 in Cartersville, GA  EVENT: 26th Allatoona Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 23 years since 5/2/1982 and 70 years old, a very funny speaker, Ernie was a member of the Skyland Group in Atlanta at the time of this talk.

He was born 1935 in Columbus, GA as the only child of a closet alcoholic, high school principle and a mom who retired after teaching 1st grade for 44 years.

He does not recommend that way of growing up to anyone.

When he got on a sports team everybody said it was because daddy was principal. When anything bad happened his daddy the principal let him know it.

He was deathly afraid of his dad, God and girls. He went to The University of Georgia having never spent a night away from home - a nerd.

He did not drink until his 2nd semester.He started with 6 tall Bud's and, "the 'N' on my chest turned into a big 'S'." The next morning he started with vodka and orange juice.

He married the head majorette in his senior year. Just before the wedding, his dad died at age 55 while moving the grass and drinking gin. Ernie felt "free at last" rather than grief.

They went down the aisle, Ernie with a limp having had his cast temporarilly removed and the bride with the mumps.

"We went down the aisle together and it kind'a looked like Chester and Hootie & the Blowfish."

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