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(#1198) Erin W (Bonaire, GA)
6/28/1998 in Douglasville, GA  EVENT: 8th West Georgia Gratitude Weekend  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Delightful and often funny, Erin was the young person speaker at the event.

Listed on the tape from Bonaire, GA, she recently moved to Metro Atlanta (Norcross, GA) from middle Georgia.

Her mother and step-father were in the AA Program when Erin came in.

She started drinking to get drunk at 13, rebellious, hanging out, taking her clothes off and feeling free. Many of her drinking friends' parents were in AA. She drank for 10 years. Not all the times drinking were bad especially at the beginning of the night.

A hard working waitress in the beginning, she lived in St, Croix for four years. She later began stealing, was unreliable, borrowed money she could not pay back and lost jobs. A friend she was borrowing money from told her, "Life is not a dress rehearsal."

In the end she was drinking vodka from the freezer and taking anti-nausea medicine.

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