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(#1891) Emerson G (Salem, VA)
7/16/1989 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 14th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sobriety date unknown, 67 years old. Emerson was the Sunday Morning speaker.

He came in with the "po'ole me-isms". Born a poor little bastard child in Greensboro, NC, his mother had many children and none of them looked alike.

He served as a Marine during WWII. He got a responsible job in the medical field.

"It was stupid of me to stay drunk all those years because I was a bastard and because I was black."

He was a star running back in high school. At a big game, he made a deal with the water boy. Emerson and the moonshine in him ran 185 yards for a touchdown - the wrong way at first and then all the way the right way.

He married Ann when he was in his 30's. They had three girls. But his drinking was the most important thing in his life.

She started disappearing on Sunday afternoons. He found out secretly she was going to Al-Anon.

She started to apply the Al-Anon tricks of the trade.

She even put AA literature in his Corn Flakes box and the 20 questions in his toilet paper dispenser.

He read those 20 questions through tears and kept his commitment that day to his wife to meet two men from AA.

After the meeting, he knew what his problem was - he was drinking the wrong brand.

Two weeks later he went through the DTs and surrendered, calling the two AA men back.

He shares three miracles:

Discovery of the Program,
Recovery through the 12 Steps and
Unconditional Love.

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