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(#649) Eloise W (Ft. Worth, TX)
4/12/1986 in Wichita, KS  EVENT: Spring Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

All her life Eloise was in a hurry to finish what she was doing so she could start doing something better. She always wanted something different. She had a child while still young and several others later. She taught Sunday school even when acting "totally insane". She and her first husband did that for 23 years. She did not want to be a divorce because she did not want to be a divorcee and so got legally separated. Though she and her kids had some good times, she hated God and everybody and through herself into her work at the hospital. There she met Jim. He was always a gentleman. On Christmas of 1967 he told her he fell in love with her. Later he told her he was not through with his divorce, that would be an affair and being a member of AA his sponsor would not let him have one of those things. Jim is a well loved speaker in AA and this is also a different look at Jim as well as a story of the power of Al-anon to transform.

(55 min) (19.1 MB) (id#649)