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(#100) Ellen C (Dallas, TX)
2006 in Santa Barbara, CA  EVENT:   TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Boundlessly enthusiastic.

Funny and informative. Over 20 years in Al-anon. Knew Chuck C. of Laguna Beach, CA. From a family of drinkers. Married a number of alcoholics. Is not an Al-anon because of them. Always wanted the people who love me to be happy but they just won't do that for me. Always wanted to be the best in someone else's eyes. Decided she wanted to be alcoholic, just tried to look alcoholic but an Al-anon's doomed to sensible shoes.

Thought she should stay away from those who don't drink - they are fanatics. Acceptance in the Big Book of AA (p449 3rd ed. 417 4th ed) at three years in Al-anon saved her life. Al-anon vs. alligator. For every alcoholic there are 10 to 42 people directly affected. Hard to come to the program when there is nothing the matter with me. Al-anon waltz: 1-2-3-12. I know what the problem is now let me tell you about it. When all the alcoholics left, my life got worse. Tells her story.

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