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(#806) Edith T (Anderson, SC)
10/26/1963 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 10th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

AREA 16 Archives

Sound quality: Excellent: Edith has a delightful German accent. Her husband, Tommy, is her qualifier. Though she probably did not drink enough to be an alcoholic, she considers herself a member of Al-anon and AA because she has sober thinking today.

Edith has no children of her own but does have a step son - now a minister.

She did not have any experience with alcoholism until she met her husband when he was stationed in Germany. Thus began the alcoholism war which, to her, was worse than WWII.

The problems began after they married and were stationed in England. He lost rank because of his drinking. She tried every method to stop his drinking. He got out of the Army and they moved back to South Carolina. They were broke and she liked it. He did provide for the family but things did not improve.

When her husband got in jail the first time, she was totally ashamed as that was the worst thing that could happen. Now she thinks it can be the best thing that can happen. She was to get quite an education about jails over the years because Tommy was not finished.

One night things got violent at home. She left and In her husband's cousin's church she heard the preacher ask for everyone to pray for those in trouble. Edith's heart changed and she prayed for Tommy as for a sick man. That night Tommy was in jail again. Something happened to him he could not explain.

Edith and Tommy met by accident in the street and went home. They sat together quietly around the kitchen table, wondering what to do now. The phone rang. It was a friend they did not know was in AA. They had not asked a person for help, only God.

They both started going to AA. The first meeting was an Area meeting. Edith was fascinated and captivated as she had only felt in church before.

Note: This recording is from a Reel-to-Reel from the Area 16 (Georgia) AA Archives. This replaces and earlier and much poorer quality sound recording from cassette.

(37 min) (8.5 MB) (id#806)